Sniper Fury Review

Sniper Fury is a shooting game developed by the Auroch Digital team. It was developed on the QNX operating system and is a single player game that has a neat blend of action and strategy.

You play as a personal avatar in the game. Your avatar is a sniper, which is trying to eliminate all of the enemies before they kill the sniper. The games are played by first putting together the right tactical plan and then you get to act on it with the aim of getting your sniper into the best possible position to execute his mission.

Most of the time the game does not really tell you what your character’s character abilities or weaknesses are. I have to admit that this game was a bit confusing initially. I would need to figure out what my character needs to do in order to get to the final part of the game. Even so, it was fun and enjoyable to play, though there were times where I felt I had no idea what to do.

Shooting action with interesting layouts makes this game a must-have for any action fan. Each level is very well presented and is a real treat to take part in.

There are three power ups that you can use. These power ups will make your shooting experience even more exciting. While playing the game, you can also try out the different shooting games that are available for free on the game’s website.


Overall, I think that the game is quite fun and interesting, but I did find that there were some glitches that caused online multiplayer to be laggy. However, if you can get past the laggy nature of the multiplayer portion of the game, it will be one of the most interesting shooting games I have ever played.

Sniper Fury is a bit more advanced than other shooting games. But, it is still a great game to play and is still a lot of fun. I think the developers have done a great job with the online aspects of the game.

In conclusion, I think that Sniper Fury is an interesting, fun and challenging game that I would recommend to anyone looking for a challenge. While the game is a bit complex at times, it is well worth the time spent on it to see what all the fuss is about.