Cover Fire Review – The Best Shooting Game For iPad

The highly rated cover shooting game is back on the App Store for another year. With such a large number of games available, it can be very confusing to find the one that best suits your playing style.

Shooting games have been available on the Apple App Store for years and will continue to be popular. It is common for players to experience addiction when they are constantly playing more than one game. Some people also like to play just one game at a time.

The very first game that has come out in the Apple store for the Cover Fire series is Cover Fire Advance. This game is probably the best selling game for the series and there is a free trial available for players to try out.

Cover Fire Advance takes place in the modern age with futuristic settings and futuristic weapons. It is currently on version 4.0 of the Apple app store. The game has its own interface, controls, and even it’s own soundtrack. You can look through the credits of the game for a description of all the great talent that has contributed to the success of this shooting game.

While you are playing Cover Fire Advance, there is no way for you to know if you are playing against another player or an AI robot. Even if you do notice that you are playing against an AI robot, the game has so many different settings that you may not even know what it is playing.


So how can you get the most enjoyment out of Cover Fire? The game is best played with a friend. The cover fire rule in the game makes it easier to see enemies and helps you focus your weapon and kill the enemy with precision.

With Cover Fire, you will find that the controls are intuitive and simple. When you are using a handheld controller for cover fire, it is imperative that you keep the controller held firmly in place. It is possible to drop the controller while covering and it will take you less time to recover from that than it would be to drop it if it were held in the air by your finger nails.

Cover Fire allows you to choose your level of difficulty. There are some easy settings and even some advanced settings that allow you to take down enemies who are more than twice your skill level. I am sure that as you continue to play the game, you will find that you can become a master of cover fire in a matter of a few minutes.